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How do you make a walk animation in Flux Studio?

Well, you make two animations. One is a two step looping animation, the other is "just stand there".

In this simplified example I put his leg and boot into a group, then I added that group to the animation node list. I moved the left leg group forward and right arm group forward in the first position, and I moved the right leg group forward and the left arm group forward in the second or middle position. Then I copied the "states of all keys" from position one to position three (the last position).

walk_prop.jpg (51149 bytes)left_forward.jpg (24240 bytes)

walk_prop2.jpg (51479 bytes)right_forward.jpg (24057 bytes)

In the tree window below you can see some of the groupings I used and the fact that there are both a WALK and a STAND animation.

walk_tree.jpg (81269 bytes)

Here is the trick, when you check the Walk checkbox you create a script that is "active" while you are moving the cursor in the 3D window. This makes the Walking animation happen. Then click Add Trigger and click on the Stand animation from the tree window. In the Stand animation, there is no action, the Avatar is just standing there. Therefore, when you stop walking, the avatar returns to the neutral standing position. Neat huh? 

stand_trigger.jpg (49785 bytes)

You should also probably add the entire body as a group and have it rotate slightly from side to side as he walks. You could also add some intermediate time steps and have the Avatar body bob up and down slightly between steps.

Here is a link to the Flux Studio file.

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