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Can I play a midi file with blaxxun Contact?

Yes, you can. In fact there are 3 ways.

  1. Use an anchor. (cylinder)
  2. With the sound/audioclip node. (box)
  3. With the movieTexture node. (cone)

Here is a small example that uses all 3 methods...

Look at a text file


Pros & Cons:

  1. Anchor is easy to do, supported by Flux Studio, and the description and path is displayed in the browser status area.
  2. Sound/AudioClip is easy to do in Flux Studio, only WAV and MID are supported. Easily triggered by sensors such as proximity, visibility, or touch.
  3. MovieTexture can play many different media formats (mid, ram, rm, mpg, mp3, avi, mov, and animated gif) but must be manually input (hand editing of Flux Studio VRML output is required).

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