Beam Slowly
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How do I beam someone slowly from point A to point B?

You make a touch sensor or other sensor to trigger an animation. The animation moves their viewpoint to the other location at the speed you set for the animation. Here is a simple setup with objects (so you can tell you are moving). The cursor is pointing at the touch sensor I have added (ClickMe!). The red thing at the far left is the Camera of the entry point.

 beam_setup.jpg (29923 bytes)

Here is a picture of the scene tree. Note that I have a box to be clicked on (touch sensor target) and the touch sensor in one group. When the box is clicked, the animation begins.

beam_tree.jpg (31468 bytes)   beam_touch.jpg (27192 bytes)

The animation simply has the entry viewpoint in it. At time 0.5 (half of the 20 seconds), I have moved the camera to the far end of the runway. At time 1.0 (20 seconds) I have moved the camera back to the starting point.

beam_animation.jpg (30130 bytes)

This explains the basic concept. You can get more complicated by say using a proximity sensor at the far end to unbind the viewpoint or a proximity sensor to start the animation. The animation does not have to go forward and back, you could leave them at the far end if you wish.

Here is the .spz file and here is a example of the VRML world.


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