Sculpted Tubular
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How do you make a tubular object?

First, find and click the Sculpted Surface icon.

sculptsurfaceicon.jpg (23285 bytes)

Then digitize a number of points in a circular fashion.

sculpted_tubular.jpg (34420 bytes)

Then when you hit OK Flux Studio makes a second surface and the "walls" that join up the sides.

sculpted_spines.jpg (35275 bytes)

In this image, I have hit the edit spine checkbox [1], then the Insert Vertebra After [3] button. This adds several layers. If the first layer is not an exact copy of the second you can use the cut & paste buttons [2] to copy one layer, move to the next layer, and paste the same outline.

sculpted_properties_tubular.jpg (66310 bytes)

Then using the arrow buttons (either in the properties panel or at the top of the screen) you can switch to the other layers and rotate each of them slightly. If you use the Spine Fusion option, when you move one layer, the next will also move the same amount.

sculpted_rotated.jpg (33108 bytes)

Lastly, if you select the NURBS button, you will get a very smooth, mathematically defined surface.

get a 3D VRML plug-in


HINT: You can also scale the various cross sections to make the shape more interesting.

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