Guided Tour
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How do I make a guided tour?

(or bind to a moving viewpoint)?

In Flux Studio, you add a touch sensor a viewpoint and an animation. You animate the viewpoint when the user triggers the touch sensor.

The basic objects needed

tour_tree1.jpg (15819 bytes)

Add a trigger for the touch sensor to set off.

tour2_addtrig.jpg (23999 bytes)

Click on the animation

tour3_tree.jpg (15524 bytes)

The touch sensor sets off the animation.

tour5_prop_ani.jpg (26365 bytes)

Select Add Node and click on the Animation Trigger tab.

tour8_ani.jpg (32098 bytes)

The animation has a trigger too, it binds to the viewpoint

tour7_prop_ani.jpg (29114 bytes)

Here is a series of images showing the camera position for each step of the animation.

tour9_key1.jpg (37994 bytes)


tour9_key2.jpg (41093 bytes)


tour9_key3.jpg (40086 bytes)


tour9_key4.jpg (38295 bytes)

Here is the Flux Studio file; tour.spz and here is a VRML output example tour.wrl


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