Proximity Sensor
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Someone asked.....
1 question though: how do I make a proximity sensor act so that when you walk into the set proximity it beams you to a different place?

I replied:

I assume you still have a working copy of Flux Studio? If so, make a simple test world, put in a box, flatten it (height=.1), then add a Viewpoint somewhere where you might want to see the flattened box. Then add a proximity sensor. OK, Double click on the prox sensor so you see the properties page, then select add trigger, then in the tree window, click on the viewpoint.  The Flux Studio prox sensor dialogue looks like :Triggered Node: Viewpoint. When the sensor....Region is entered. Trigger node will....Bind.

It's that easy!

Below are a .spz file; walk over the red square and you go back to viewpoint1 and a plain text .wrl file just in case you try these thing by hand.



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