Proximity VP unbind
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I'd like to know how to make it so if you move a certain distance, say one or two meters from a viewpoint it disconnects you from that viewpoint.

Here is how...

Make a proximity sensor and tell it that when the are is entered, start the animation and bind the viewpoint; when the are is exited stop the animation and unbind the viewpoint.

First make a proximity sensor to define the boundary.

prox_bounds.jpg (27911 bytes)

You have already created a viewpoint and an animation so add them both as triggers to the proximity sensor. In fact, add each one twice so you can define what happens when the "box" is entered and what happens when the box is exited.

When the proximity area is entered, start the animation:

prox_anistart.jpg (39712 bytes)

When the proximity area is entered, bind the viewpoint:

prox_vp_bind.jpg (40566 bytes)

When the proximity area is exited, stop the animation:

prox_anistop.jpg (38826 bytes)

When the proximity area is exited, unbind the viewpoint:

prox_vp_unbind.jpg (39145 bytes)

Here is the .spz file


Here is the .wrl file



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