Sculpted Complex
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Something fancy with Sculpted Surface.

Imagine a bunch of paper plates (these are the cross sections) then imagine a straightened wire coat hanger (the spine) going right through the center of each plate. Pretend like we put each plate 1/2 meter away from the next moving up the wire. A side view might be like...

--|--|--|--|------ <spine 
  ^ Cross section   


Ok, you can do a couple of things. You can bend the wire or you can scale each cross section larger or smaller. This alone will make an interesting shape.

To get more dramatic, you can change the outline of each cross section and come up with something very unusual.

Here I made several cross sections. from the bottom up, there is a diamond, then roated (square shaped), then I scaled it down small, then the next cross section I made like a four pointed star which I scaled up (times 2), the next star I scaled down and then rotated 90 degrees.

sculpted1.jpg (16165 bytes)

Wire Frame: Vertical = spine | Horizontal = Cross Sections

sculpted_wire.jpg (25019 bytes)

Ok, here I rotated (or tilted from horizontal) some of the cross sections, and translated a few from the center position.

sculpted_rot_trans.jpg (35646 bytes)

See below for a tip on tilting

sculpted_rot_trans_solid.jpg (19861 bytes)

TIP: In the properties panel, I clicked Spine Fusion: Forward

This causes all the sections above to tilt when I tilt one of them.

You tilt them in the top view window, and observe them in the side view window.

sculpted_props.jpg (44308 bytes)

Just for fun, I clicked the NURBS button to make something smooth and organic looking out of the same shape. I usually use the 2x2 tesselation, it makes for smaller files and tends to look as good.

sculpted_nurbs.jpg (16613 bytes)

Here are the 3 examples, same sculpted surface. The 1st is just straight or linear. The 2nd, I rotated some cross sections, and bent the spine by translating a few from the zero position. The 3rd, is exactly the 2nd one, except I clicked the NURBS option.

sculpted_3steps.jpg (17709 bytes)

The .SPZ file

View the .WRL file

NOTE: If you use NURBS, Contact 5.1 users will get a warning message unless you add these lines at the top of the file under the VRML header.

#VRML V2.0 utf8

	field SFInt32 uDimension
	field SFInt32 vDimension
	field MFFloat uKnot
	field MFFloat vKnot
	field SFInt32 uOrder
	field SFInt32 vOrder
	exposedField MFVec3f controlPoint
	exposedField MFFloat weight
	exposedField SFInt32 uTessellation
	exposedField SFInt32 vTessellation
	exposedField SFNode texCoord
	field SFBool ccw
	field SFBool solid

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