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How would I make an elevator in Flux Studio? Well, three floors are harder than two so I will do three and let you simplify it to the two floor case.  :-)

I made a set of buttons outside the elevator which put you inside it (the call button?). Then I made a set of buttons for in the elevator which take you to the different floors. The trick with this elevator is that there are no moving parts, the avatar simply "beams" to a viewpoint on the floor above or below her. I guess the elevator could be a moving box providing the animation UNBINDS the viewpoint when the animation terminates. Here is a minimalist VRML model of it, and I also uploaded the Flux Studio file as it is easier to see the steps needed to duplicate this action in your own world.


Here is an example of the properties panel for the touch sensor with a Bind to a viewpoint.

 touch_bind.png (7788 bytes)

You would think that you could use a proximity sensor to go from floor to floor, but you create an infinite loop when you hop from one viewpoint to the other repeatedly. :-(

How do I walk up a curving flight of stairs? This is a bit harder because in this case there is a non-linear path to follow. It requires two touch sensors and two animations and two viewpoints. The animations also must have a trigger to unbind the viewpoint when the animation is through running. When you click the touch sensor (up arrow), the animation runs. The animation moves the viewpoint up the winding staircase. When the animation stops it also UNBINDS the viewpoint. Same thing in reverse to descend the stairs.

Here is an example of the animation Unbinding when it stops.

ani_unbind.png (8504 bytes)

This is a rough model VRML file of the action. I also have a Flux Studio file which will help you to see the nodes in Flux Studio.

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