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How would I get a spotlight to shine on the ground (or a wall)?

Because the VRML lighting model does the lighting calculation at the Vertices, if your ground or wall is just two large triangles it will be illuminated poorly (if at all) by a spotlight.

One way around the problem is to create a Extrusion Node. For the Cross Section, draw a straight line consisting of several points. For the Spine, create several vertebra that are all lined up. To ensure that all the points lie in the same plane, select the grid snap button.

sculpted_line.jpg (29639 bytes) spotlight.jpg (86801 bytes)

On the properties window (below), check the Edit Spine option and then do several Insert Vertebra Before clicks. This makes a planar surface of many triangles (as above right image shows).

sculpted_properties.jpg (30033 bytes)

In this example, I've added a spotlight and a viewpoint looking down on the surface.

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