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Give them a lamp and they'll follow you anywhere...

Rev. Bob Crispen wrote the definitive table lamp tutorial...

see Tutorials >> VRML & Javascript >> Text[14]

Now, the question is, can I do this in Flux Studio? (The answer is YES!)

  1. Make a lamp (I find the revolution tool gives fine results).
  2. Put a pointlight [1] into the same group as the lamp geometry.
  3. When you make the pointlight, uncheck the ON check box (so it is off by default).

    tiffany_light_prop.jpg (56542 bytes)

  4. Put a touch sensor [2] in the same group as the lamp (in the scene tree window).

     tiffany_spazz.jpg (158296 bytes)       tiffany_tree.jpg (40234 bytes)

  5. In the TouchSensor properties panel, click Add Trigger and then select the pointlight from the scene tree window. Here is the magic, in the "Trigger node will..." list box menu select "Toggle".

 tiffany_touchsensor.jpg (59651 bytes)
There you have it; when you touch the lamp once it (the pointlight) turns on, when you touch it again it turns off.

NOTE: It is handy to have something near by for the light to illuminate so you can tell the light is working.

Get thee a VRML plugin!

Rev. Bob goes a little further and actually changes the color of the bulb and base when you click the lamp, but I am not sure if that is needed to get the desired effect (though it does look nice).

PPS. The texture on the lampshade is a photomicrograph of a thin section. That is, a picture of a very thin slice of sandstone (Norphlet formation) as it would look under a microscope. You can actually see the bitumen between the sand grains in an undistorted view of it. It gives a nice stained glass effect, don't you think?

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