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WBG logoThis page is devoted to the activities of the Cybertown World Builder's Guild. We are a loose association of people knowledgeablewbmedium.jpg (19248 bytes) in the art of VRML who have decided to contribute their time, talent, and work to the Cybertown Suburbs. Blaxxun Interactive has been kind enough to give us space on their server to host these works.

Anyone can join the World Builder's Guild to share ideas and information about creating VRML worlds. To receive a WBG title (Apprentice Builder or World Builder), you need to know some VRML, make your own avatar, create objects for the Cybertown mall, show us a substantial portfolio (minimum of 5-10 items or worlds), submit work for inclusion in the Suburbs, and attend meetings at the Builder's Guild club (Saturdays at 13:00 Cybertown time) and participate in the WBG egroup. 

Linked to this page are forms for joining the Guild, forms for submitting works to the Guild, a few statements about our vision for the Suburbs, and worlds that have been submitted for review and voting upon. Thank you for your participation.

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