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Maket Dome

I meet a lot of people in my journeys through Cyber-space, and I get a lot of requests from people to "build them something", but few who have had such a clear or inspired vision of what I should do for them as Alexy Maket does. Although he is a citizen of cyber-space, he sleeps in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine (formerly a part of the U.S.S.R.). We have had many amusing moments of miscommunication, but I will say his English is perfect when compared to my paltry knowledge of Russian.

What started as a rather simple request that I thought I could just knock out and be done with turned into a longer termed relationship and an iterative building venture. The initial request was well prepared and delivered as an acrobat PDF (so I knew he was serious). What I created in reply looks surprisingly similar to what was requested. Additionally, I made avatars that played different sounds for each of eight gestures (Maket, Olya, Sasha, and the Drummer). I grouped them together in the classic band placement as well. The band is named Downtown.

Maket published a song that haunted me until I made a VRML response of some sort. So here I present my first VRML video, Novosty. It is a sarcastic statement about TV (I think).


Lastly, I made a VRML landscape from a photo of Maket and Olya that turned out nicely.

I am presently working on a seascape scene that he has composed some aquatic music for.

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