Share My World?
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OK, I've made a VRML world, it is real cool, and I want to share it with others in a 3D multi-user chat window like when I am at Cybertown. How do I do that? Well, there are three ways. The first is good for one-off testing, the second is good if your web host does not allow "funny" file types, the third allows you much more control and is a little more work.

One way is to just click on this link and type in the URL of your world and give it a title.


The other way is to create a link on your page that feeds blaxxun's script the parameters that it expects. It is pretty simple, all you need it one line of HTML code. Blaxxun has made it easy for your world to exist on their server, all you have to do is use a hyperlink which passes special parameters to blaxxun's server.

Please see the basic HTML page if you do not know how to make a hyperlink. If you know how to edit the HTML source for your page, do that and add something like this where you want the link to your world to be...

<a href="

Ok, a few things to say about it all.

  1. The text is all one long line, join it back together if it looks split here.
  2. The 1st part of the href says to run a perl program on blaxxun's server that makes the frames for multi-user chat. Don't mess with it, and don't worry about it.
  3. The second part is the URL of YOUR world on YOUR web site. Change the URL from the example (Athens on spyglassvr) to whatever you named your world and the URL for your web site.
  4. After the path to your world is where you see the title of the world that appears in "Places" in blaxxun Contact. Make is something snappy! (%20 means a blank space).
  5. The last thing is the word that when clicked on fires off the hyperlink to your world.

So you change the stuff in blue, pink, and yellow, and you leave the red and the green stuff as it is. If you want to test out how this works click on this: Athens


This third way will take a little more work on your part and your web site host will have to allow the .bxx file type, but it is easier for people to follow the shorter link and you have much greater control over the chat session settings. Go to this link and download the zipped file and read the instructions.

Do not let the document fool you, all you need to do is edit one file (.bxx). Many of the settings do not apply to the test server (like backpack items and stuff that interface with the server).

Here is a zipped example that I use for one of my worlds that you might find useful.

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