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Body Macro
Voice Abbv.
HTML Basics
Mall Upload
Avatar Guidelines
Alien Music
Mardi Gras Parade
Our Houses Proposal
Paint Easter Egg

 As a World Builder I am frequently asked about the tools, tips, and techniques employed in my trade. I hope this collection of  "Frequently Answered Questions" will help in your endeavors. Although some of this is of a general nature, most of it can apply at Cybertown. I am open to suggestions for improvement or new topics. Happy building!

Oh, yes... if you have not read the Contact 3D users guide, doing so now would be a good idea.

Someone recently asked is we have any rules and/or guidelines to live by in Cybertown. Sure we do! Here are some you can have a look at.

Lots of good information about mall rules and regulations: (old link)


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