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Submit Your VRML World

 Note: We used to have a submission form here, but it has been deleted due to technical reasons. If you have a cool world, please post it to the WBG egroup for review and discussion. 

The following form is for Cybertown Citizens who are knowledgeable in the creation of Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) works to submit their work to the Members of the World Builders Guild to vote on for acceptance as a part of the Suburbs.

Please understand that if your world is still under development, that it can not be published to the Suburbs; however, we will be happy to give you some constructive feedback to help it along. Our intention is to collect original high quality VRML worlds for the Suburbs of Cybertown. Not everything submitted will be accepted.


The Cybertown Suburbs are accessed through files on the Cybertown Server. In order for the PERL script to work properly the following conventions must be adhered to:

File size less than 300KB including textures. This is to ensure fast downloading of the world, if people have to wait more than 2 minutes to see your world they may just leave.
The world name (file name) will be the title seen in places at Cybertown so make it pretty. Also make it descriptive (like Dragon_Cafe.wrl). [i.e. We can not have many worlds named Office]. Please do not count on me renaming the world to something unique and meaningful; use a good name.
The name of the world should not have blanks in it (use the underscore character to separate words where you feel it is needed).
The whole world should be in a folder with the same name as the world. (Like in a folder called Dragon_Cafe). All the necessary files should be in this one folder.
You should make a 2D image of your world for the 2D chat folks. It should be a 576 pixel (wide) by 164 pixel (high) image (GIF or JPG) that will fit above the Java chat box. It must have the same name as the .wrl file. (Like Dragon_Cafe.jpg)
If you have small WAV or MIDI formatted files, please put them into the same folder as the VRML world is in, use a relative file name, not a fully qualified path to a file on your server. Tell me if you have hidden sound files that are triggered by user events (I might not find the event and therefore may miss the file).
The world should be mostly your original work. Please do not need to submit something that someone else made.
Your world should be more compelling than a shoe box. Please note that everyone makes a maze and a castle, if you submit one of those it had better be impressive.

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