What's a World Builder?
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A World Builder is someone who builds worlds, right?

Well, not exactly. Perhaps the title itself is misleading.

We are not a group of people who sit apart, god-like, making our own little worlds with a vacuum in between. Better names might be Cybertown Imagineer, Virtual Realizer, Mega Modeler... all right, World Builder will have to do. What we do is build objects and meeting places that make Cybertown a more interesting place to visit.

World Builder is not a title, award, or trophy.

When a person applies to become a World Builder, that person is making a commitment to support and further the goals of the World Builder's Guild, as they appear in the Mission Statement. Taking on the role of World Builder doesn't mean you've "made it;" it means you're ready to work side-by-side with the other members to build a better Cybertown. If there is a level of status and respect associated with the role of World Builder, it is because every day, in all our Cybertown interactions, we show ourselves to be friendly, helpful, and willing to share our talents to build a better community.

A World Builder has the courage to try, fail, and try again. A World Builder has the confidence to suggest solutions and the humility to learn from others. A World Builder knows that when sharing knowledge with other creative people, the payback is tenfold. A World Builder is serious about creating high quality VRML objects, but remembers that the purpose of Cybertown is to have fun.

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