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How to Become a World Builder

Cybertown citizens who would like to earn the Title of World Builder are invited to follow the application instructions below. To earn the Title of World Builder, you must demonstrate some VRML skills. The Guild has opportunities for most levels of skill. Applicants for a title must be able to demonstrate the ability to take on VRML projects and complete them in an independent manner.

Anyone can join the World Builders Guild

The World Builder's Guild is a Cybertown club, open to any citizen with an interest in VRML. There are no requirements for joining the club. Anyone can participate. There are no requirements to join the e-group, anyone can participate. It is best to join the club and attend a few meetings to get a feel for the group before applying for a title. Although we are a social group, we tend to talk about technical topics centered around 3D modeling.

To earn the Title of World Builder, you should:

  1. Have some basic experience with VRML (either coded by hand or using an editor such as Flux Studio).
  2. Have created your own avatar.
  3. Be willing to build something for the public good.
  4. Have a desire to teach others and learn from others.
  5. Attend meetings (Saturday, 1300 Cybertown Time, at the World Builder's Guild Club).
  6. Join our e-group by sending an email message to

Application for a Title

Once you've been a participant in the club for a short time, you may want to apply for a World Builder's Guild title. There are three titles available through the World Builder's Guild:

Apprentice Builder
World Builder
Master Builder

The Apprentice Builder title has the following requirements:

You must be a member of the World Builder's Guild club.
You must have created your own custom avatar.
You must have uploaded at least one item for sale in the Cybertown Mall.
You must present a portfolio of your work for review by the members of the World Builder's Guild.

The World Builder title has the following requirements:

You must be an Apprentice Builder (this requirement can be overridden by a 2/3 majority vote).
You must have been a member of the World Builder's Guild club for a minimum of one month (this requirement can be overridden by a 2/3 majority vote).
You must have successfully submitted a world to the Cybertown Suburbs.
You must present a portfolio of your work for review by the members of the World Builder's Guild.

The title of Master Builder is awarded at the discretion of the current Master Builders. There is no application for the title, when you are that good, we will know about it. :-)

To apply for the job & title of World Builder, please supply a portfolio of your work and fill out the questionnaire below. The Guild can use Builders of many skill levels, so please do not be intimidated by the Questionnaire. It is not meant to scare you away but rather to assess your skill level.

Your application will be reviewed, and the members of the guild will vote via an egroup poll to decide whether you will be granted a title. This may take a little time for us to discuss your application.


Your portfolio (examples of your work) should be composed of links to VRML worlds, avatars, or objects you have created. The examples you send should show the range of skills you possess. The portfolio will give the Guild a better idea of what projects are appropriate for your skill level. Feel free to include some links to non-vrml work which you feel are appropriate.

If you don't have your own server space to display your work, you can get free server space at Tripod  or many other sites to display your portfolio. There are many free websites that will host your content. Ask other builders what they use. 

You can get 100 MB of advertisement free basic web space and your own domain name for about $100/year. Considering how much time I spend on VRML, and how much money I can spend on other hobbies, this is not excessive.


This information will determine how work is divided on group projects. It will also be used to refer one Builder to another when special skills are required.

Note to Flux Studio users: if you have created animated VRML objects, you have used ROUTEs, Interpolators & TimeSensors, and (more than likely) Sensors. If you are using References, those translate to DEF/USE statements in VRML, and demonstrate your concern for optimization.

What VRML skills do you have?

We used to have a form that would be filled out and emailed to the Guild Master, but technical issues have caused it to be discontinued. 

Please join the egroup, introduce yourself, ask some questions, show some work, and ask for a title when you feel ready for one.

Make a portfolio on the web of your work, post it to the egroup for feedback.

If you don't meet the qualifications at this time, but would like to learn to build, check out the tutorial page or look at the tools page if you would like to find out more about tools. Remember, you can join the World Builder's Guild club and the email group at any time. Getting a title in Cybertown requires a WBG egroup vote. 

What happens next?

Your application will be reviewed by the World Builder's Guild membership committee. If you meet the minimum requirements listed above, your application and portfolio will be forwarded to the egroup (mailing list) and be available for comment for a period of one week. A poll will be created on the egroup where members will vote on whether you will receive a title at this time.

Once approved, a request will be forwarded to the Cybertown Operations Manager that you be granted the title Apprentice Builder. Please allow 3-4 weeks for your title to appear in your Personal Info options. In the meantime, please attend Guild meetings in the World Builder's Guild Club (in Cybertown at 13:00 Saturdays) and join in on our egroup discussion list.

What might a reply mean?

An application for membership resolves to four responses...

  1. Not yet. Please attend the WBG meetings, upload some items, and create or expand your portfolio. WBG Member.
  2. Yes. Your portfolio shows promise, and you'll be able to learn from the other members of the guild. Apprentice Builder.
  3. Yes. Your portfolio looks great, we'd like to get to know you and see you upload more items to Cybertown. Apprentice Builder.
  4. Yes. What took you so long to apply, well known long-time VRML author resident of Cybertown? World Builder.

There is a difference between a WBG Member and a titled Guild member. The World Builder's Guild is here to foster and encourage participation in the VRML expansion and improvement of Cybertown. Anybody can subscribe to the list and attend meetings. If you're sincere, it won't be long before you have a portfolio and are eligible for a title.

The process - restated...

  1. You join the World Builder's Guild club and sign up for the egroup.
  2. You attend meetings and get to know the membership. You create an avatar that is the face you generally present to Cybertown. We strongly prefer one that is crafted using a 3D modeling program other than Avatar Studio.
  3. You work with Guild members on group projects, create items for the mall, contribute on the egroup, and work on worlds for the Suburbs.
  4. You apply for an Apprentice Builder title.
  5. You work with Guild members on group projects, create items for the mall, contribute on the egroup, and work on worlds for the Suburbs.
  6. You apply for a World Builder title. Your contribution to Cybertown and Guild projects is taken into account.
  7. You work with Guild members on group projects, create items for the mall, contribute on the egroup, etc...
  8. Your contributions to the Guild and Cybertown, your willingness to share your ideas and help others are clearly recognized, and you are granted a Master World Builder title (there's no application process for Master World Builder).

    There will be exceptions to this path: for example, long-time contribution to Cybertown in other, related areas may be taken into account. Clearly excellent VRML skills may move the membership to grant someone full World Builder status.

    We are fortunate to have as many talented, motivated Apprentice Builders as we have today. It's a good job and a respected title in Cybertown, but the reason for that is that we have taken steps to ensure that the title is meaningful. The Apprentice title is gaining status as Apprentices take initiative to help and train other VRML enthusiasts, both in the Guild and around Cybertown. This is a good thing, and will make the World Builder title that much more important to those who work to achieve it.

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