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VRML Basics

ag-vrml.gif (21496 bytes)How can I learn VRML, or are there any VRML tutorials?
[or Mr. Phillip, can you teach me VRML?]

There are numerous tutorials for VRML on the web. Here are just a few sources of information that may help you. If you take half of these VRML lessons, you will know more than I do about it. You will also know why I did not try to duplicate these fine efforts. These guys are the experts, not me.

  1. A very simple introductory lesson by Mr. Phillip [Does not compare with those below.]

  2. Introduction to VRML 97 By David R. Nadeau; Author of VRML2.0 Sourcebook.

  3. Introduction to VRML97

  4. Floppy's Web3D Guide

  5. The Annotated VRML97 Reference Manual By Rikk Carey and Gavin Bell

  6. Introduction to VRML 2.0 Also by Nadeau et al

  7. The VRML2.0 Sourcebook online examples By Ames, Nadeau, Moreland

  8. VRML Primer and Tutorial by Daniel K. Schneider

  9. Creating VRML 2.0 Content by David Frerichs

  10. VRML Interactive Tutorial  (Index)

  11. Building 3D Virtual Environments A course by Matthew Lewis

  12. VRUNIVERSE - Excellence in Cyberspace by Markus Roskothen

  13. Bob Crispen's VRMLworks

  14. Roland's VRML97 Site, VRML worlds and examples by Roland Smeenk

  15. Building VRML 2.0 Behaviors in Java by Justin Couch

  16. VRML Interactive Tutorial @ 3D Tech by António Ramires Fernandes

  17. About.com has a list of tutorials that you may find useful.

Other useful VRML resources

  1. Dr. Clue's HTML Guide VRML Programming

  2. blaxxun Avatar Den Developer Info

  3. blaxxun Client SDK - Shared Information

  4. VRMLScript Reference

  5. VRML Examples by Leonard Daly

  6. Leper Colony the LINKS

  7. Texture Mapping in VRML

  8. VRMLSite Magazine - VRML Java VRML more VRML

  9. Specification for a Standard Humanoid

  10. Check out the latest VRML specification at:


  11. Perhaps the EAI FAQ can help you...

  12. About.com's  Focus on Web3D

    There are two specific pages of links for tutorials:
    Web3D Tutorials: http://web3d.about.com/msub1tut.htm
    Tutorials by Nodes: http://web3d.about.com/library/tutbynode/bltutbynode.htm


  1. Extensible 3D (X3D)

  2. X3D to VRML 97 Translation Examples


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