Guild Goals
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Someone asked "what are the goals of the World Builder's Guild?".

In many ways they are the same as the goal stated on the first page of this web site. "The intention of the following pages is to provide insight and information to individuals wishing to know more about the Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) in order to help them more fully participate in the 3D activities of Cybertown."

The World Builder's Guild is a forum or fellowship for people who wish to exchange ideas and techniques about creating 3D models. One method to promote the interchange of ideas is to view works by other members and to review works submitted for inclusion into the Cybertown suburbs. Being a guild member is a good way to see a lot of VRML content that you otherwise may not see. Frequently other people in "real life" do not understand the joy-of-building, so it is nice to be able discuss these issues with others who do care.

Another goal of guild membership may be to attain exposure for your works by having Cybertown host them in the Suburbs. Of course, to get a world in the suburbs requires a review from other builders and subsequent revisions based on their suggestions.

A third goal of guild membership is to increase the members personal understanding of 3D modeling so that individuals may improve their skills and broaden their range of tricks and techniques so that they become more competent builders. To gain skills and to share them with others as it were.

Another goal may be to enhance the "fun" value of Cybertown. It gives a member something to do (a role in the city and a function) and gives the citizens new and unique objects to see and use and unusual places to visit.

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