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How do I use the revolution tool?

This is the first advanced Flux Studio tool that I figured out. You select the revolution icon, then click in the front view window at the location you want the object to be at (X=0 Y=-1.75 Z=0 for Cybertown).

Then in the 2D window that pops up, you create a side view or a profile of the object that you want to create. You can use the icons on the pop-up palette to add, delete, and move points until you get a pleasing shape; then hit the "thumb up" icon. Flux Studio revolves or rotates the profile around into a circular object.

This example is for a punch bowl, but the tool is also handy for table legs, lamps, or any other lathed objects.

revolution.jpg (9290 bytes)

revolution.jpg (32743 bytes)punchbowl.jpg (15796 bytes)

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