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How do I make a background in Flux Studio?

The VRML background node is a sphere that encompasses the whole scene. You can use textures (images) for the background, but these really slow down performance of the world when trying to move around. Instead you can use this more light weight approach.

Make a world or a 3D scene, then hit the Create Background button background_icon.jpg (6576 bytes) and click on the frontview window to deposit the background into the scene.

Then find the scene tree window and double click on the background node. You will see the background properties window. Click on the colors tab.

background_prop1.jpg (42259 bytes)

OK, it starts out black, hit add color then move the pointer downward. The skycolor now goes from black to dark blue.


Same thing goes for the ground colors. Click the ground colors radio button, add color, move the slider up a little bit. That gives ground color from black at the bottom center to a green around the edges.

background_prop2.jpg (43470 bytes)

In the Flux Studio front view window, this looks a little funny. It is trying to depict a ball full of color that fades in both directions.

background_view.jpg (24441 bytes)

OK, this tends to give a hard edge to the background where the sky and earth meet, but if you pop into the examine mode while looking at the world you will see the color variation from black straight up, to blue at the horizon, then green fading into black straight down. Now that you can do this, lets get fancy and add some additional colors.

background_prop3.jpg (42470 bytes)

Here is a link to a world with an elaborate background variation.

Here are a few examples for inspiration.

background4.jpg (13109 bytes)  background5.jpg (13555 bytes)  background6.jpg (13236 bytes)

There is another option in Flux Studio that allows you to use textured backgrounds, but these tend to use up a lot of CPU resources to recalculate the position of every pixel each time you turn your head. I avoid them unless they are absolutely necessary.


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