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Someone asked me "How do you make a pyramid with Flux Studio?"

It is easy if you know how. Select the Sculpted Surface icon, turn on the grid option, turn on the snap to grid icon and make a square.

 sculptsurfaceicon.jpg (58872 bytes)

Then you must make sure that cross section one and cross section two look the same. So, check the Edit Spine box, you can then use the black up/down arrows to flip flop from one cross section to the next. One will be perfect, one will be "funny". Look at the good one, and hit Copy Xsection. Arrow Up to the bad one then hit Paste Xsection. The second cross section is (by default) one meter above the first one. While in Edit Spine mode, if you select the Trans tab, you can drag the active cross section up or down to suit your tastes.

ss_properties.jpg (50904 bytes)

You should have a nice looking box. If you hit the Scale tab you can then apply a scale factor of 0.001 to the active rectangle. This makes for a square base and a pointy top. A fine pyramid!

box.jpg (17045 bytes)            pyramid.jpg (11906 bytes)

For extra credit: Add one more cross section a middle one (insert after), and then move to the bottom cross section and scale it to .001. Instant octohedron!

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