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How can you assemble a many items (like individual contributions to a group project) into an entire world?

Use InLines! An inline is a statement in a VRML file that refers to, or calls into the scene, an additional file.

Pretend that 8 people have each built a room full of goodies and each room is 10x10x10. They have either emailed you the file or you have fished them out of your cache. In this simplified example, I will just use boxes instead of elaborately decorated rooms. So, I ran Flux Studio and made a box that is 10x10x10 meters.

I made sure it was located at the origin X=0, Y=0, Z=0 [there is no transform/translation to move it from the origin]. I repeated this 7 more times, making each box a different color so you can see what is going on.

Here is the code for one box.




It looks like this in a text editor.

 onebox.png (4890 bytes)

In Flux Studio, used the InLine icon (and snap-to-grid) to add in-lines in a nice square pattern like this. The red icons indicate where the inline will go when the world is viewed in a browser (they are place holders). NOTE: You will not see the inlined file in Flux Studio, you will only see it when you view it in the browser.

inline_align.png (3414 bytes)

The tree window looks like this...

inline_tree.png (4027 bytes)

On the properties panel for each InLine I put the URL for one of the 8 boxes I made above. Since the files are all in the same folder, I used a relative URL. I could have used an absolute URL such as Studio/inline_tut/box1.wrl

inline_properties.png (2462 bytes)

If I export a VRML97 file from Flux Studio, it looks like this...

inline_onebox.png (8338 bytes)

Look at the full file and see how there are many inline steps and how the Transform/translation moves each one to it's proper location.


Here is the finished example...


Here is the SPZ file of the inline statements.


Here is a top view of what you should see.

inline_overview.png (3785 bytes)

If you want to see the individual boxes, they are numbered 1 through 8 as below...



box3.wrl etc....

This tutorial crafted by request for one charming Southern Belle.

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