Bath Tub
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How would you make a bath tub?

There are of course a number of ways this could be done. One is making a revolution and stretching it (scaling) in one direction. I tried this but wasn't quite satisfied with the results. So I tried a different approach.

I made a bathtub sized box and then made a slightly smaller box to fit into it.

 bath_box.jpg (6623 bytes)

I converted the "inside" box to an Indexed Face Set and used the subdivide option to round that box out.

bath_ifs_round.jpg (7375 bytes)bath_ifs_prop.jpg (18641 bytes)

Then I used the Boolean Extraction tool to remove the rounded shape from the original tub box. I used to undo/redo option a number of times as I saw the results and decided to do some adjustments to the height of the second box until everything looked all right.

bath_boolean.jpg (3951 bytes)

Once that was done, it was just a matter of adding some plumbing stuff (faucets, knobs, and shower head) and of course I needed a wall for that to hang on. This took some time, but I was able to "recycle" some parts from a shower I had made earlier [cutting and pasting between two different spz files]

.bath_top.jpg (4447 bytes)bath_tub.jpg (15761 bytes)

While this did take some time and thought, it was fun and Flux Studio certainly made it easy to build in a graphical sense.

See the bathtub VRML model? Download the .spz file?

You may be interested in a corner unit shower or a wall unit instead. Some people just don't like taking baths :-)

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