A painting?
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A friend once asked...

Have a prob. that maybe someone can enlighten me in?

I've been making some paintings and applied them to a box so I can bring them up to Cybertown Mall. I noticed that I can't see the painting when trying to view it in CT. I always use white material color when applying, so really don't understand why it can't be seen.

I responded...

Apply your texture to the box. Scale the box if needed. (A painting hanging on my wall is 0.65 by 0.53 meters).

paint_texture.jpg (23246 bytes)

Make sure that you have only specified diffuse color for the box (set specular and emissive color to 0 0 0, make the shininess 0.0).

paint_white.jpg (18113 bytes)

paint_prop.jpg (24716 bytes)

Also, a better way to do things is to explode the box into faces (Edit Menu>Explode into Faces) then go to the tree window and delete the 5 unneeded faces. Make the box the proper dimensions BEFORE you explode it, this way you will not have to scale it later (which may cause problems with some graphics cards). You will then have a single IFS surface on which to put the image. It will be less work on the browser because the image will not have to be drawn on those thin edges. (optimize, optimize, optimize; yes it matters even on a small artwork when you consider it in the context of many items in the total scene).

 paint_explode.jpg (55820 bytes)
 paint_group.jpg (12719 bytes)       paint_face.jpg (5325 bytes)

You can see where I deleted the unneeded IndexedFaceSets leaving just the one.

For extra credit:

I like to use an extrusion to make a pretty sculpted looking frame. I make the extrusion a little wider than I want it and rotate the cross section 45 degrees (something like |/  ) so the frame elements join up nicely. Also I try to use DEF/USE (or REFerence)  for the other 3 frame elements.

paint_sculpt_icon.jpg (53193 bytes)       paint_frame_profile.jpg (56279 bytes)

paint_frame_corner.jpg (50768 bytes)

paint_final.jpg (60818 bytes)    Get a VRML Plug-in at... http://www.blaxxun.com/

The final product.




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