See My Avatar?
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How can I see my avatar when at Cybertown?

Use the Third Person Viewing Mode!

In the third person viewing mode the users Avatar is displayed at the viewing position. The "rendering camera" displays an image from a new viewing position behind the avatar. Click on the 3D scene, then hit the 'a' key, or click in the 3D scene window and use the Mouse Button 2 pop-up menu entry "View my Avatar" to toggle to third person mode.

The following keyboard numeric keys control the avatar viewing distance and angle:

9-0 : rotate around avatar
1-2 : change distance
3-4 : change vertical offset
5-6 : change look up/down
7-8 : change look left/right

This has changed in Contact 5.x to the keys on the numeric keypad (over on the right).

Num Lock /
Pan Left
Pan Right
Zoom In
7 8
Rot Up
9 Pan Up + Zoom Out
4 Rot Left 5
Rot Right
1 2
Rot Down
3 Pan Down Enter

Escape View Avatar Mode

0 -

Although this looks complicated, it makes more sense when you use it.

Another way to see your avatar is to run it in the blaxxun avatar preview arena using a syntax like this...


I made a little script which will allow you to preview or test an avatar in blaxxun's avatar arena. Simply input the Avatar's Web Address (URL) in the box below.

Avatar URL:


The URL you input should look something like this:    


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