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CyberTown Markup Language - CTML

People often ask how do I add this or that effect to my inbox in Cybertown. There are many things you can do in HTML that don't work in Cybertown because your inbox or message board is only a fraction of the entire code used to make the web page that you see (like they create the header and footer and background tags and you can just modify some stuff in between the body tags). OK, so that is where CTML comes in, it allows you to use markup tags sometimes in places where they would not be valid in HTML. If that is not confusing enough, I could go on; but I won't. The examples really make it more clear than my babbling could.

[MIDI] http://myserver.com/mymidi.mid [/MIDI]
Embeds a midi file in the web page. The value is the URL of a midi file on the web.

Sets the background color of the web page. The value is a color value such as used in HTML.

Text entered between the open and close tags will scroll like a marquee.

[IMG] http://www.myserver.com/myimage.jpg [/IMG]
Acts like an image tag. Great for saving space in your message board code.

[URL] http://www.myserver.com/mypage.html [/URL]
Creates URL that is linked. Great for saving space in your message board code.

Turns the email address between the tags into a mailto link.

[B]This is some BOLD text[/B]
Act like an HTML bold tag.

[I]This is some italic text[/I]
Acts like an HTML italics tag.

[U]This is some underlined text[/U]
Acts like an HTML underline tag.

Acts like and HTML break tag.

These macros only work for people viewing with Internet Explorer.

[BACKGROUND] http://myserver.com/mybg.gif [/BACKGROUND]
Sets the background image of the page.

Sets the color of plain text on page.

Sets the active link color of the page.

Sets the followed link color of the page.

Sets the link color of the page.

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