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So you want to have a wedding in Cybertown? It can be done, but will require some effort on your part (just like in real life). Here are some simple guidelines which may make your wedding more successful/fun.

  1. Pick a date and time when you, your betrothed, the preacher, and your friends can attend. You need to prepare for this event. Send out invitations to your friends if you want them to show up.
  2. Contact me in advance (architect"at" Saturday after 14:30 (Cybertown time) is fine with me, and Sundays are OK also. Contact me way in advance, and then remind me again as the day approaches. Better yet, find someone reliable to show up and do the ceremony; I have accidentally missed a few and I hate it when that happens.
  3. The Preacher's part is to a) show up, and b) read the ceremony.
  4. Your part is to a) show up, b) invite your friends, c) say your vows.
  5. Weddings will be/can be held in the Church in the Suburbs.
  6. Please see the linked pages for the ceremony. You can cut & paste from the web page or save the text on your machine in advance of the ceremony. Basically, you will cut and paste your part into the chat window during the event.
  7. This is a modified (heavily edited) version of the Christian Medieval Ceremony - Wedding & Ceremony from
    I have tried to break it into small chunks which will fit into the chat window text buffer.
  8. If you want to do the whole thing yourself and you just need a preacher avatar, please feel free to use this one...

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