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Here is a collection of tips, tricks, and hints for Avatar Studio

Avatar studio is a powerful tool and in the proud tradition of UNIX programs, it does one thing and it does it well: It is great for animating realistic looking avatars.

I suggest that you step beyond the multitude of clothing options and really get a good understanding of how the animation tool works. With it, you define the position and rotation of individual segments of the mesh that makes up the avatar. It is a powerful function, but will take some time to play with and understand the options.

It makes a great avatar, but after a while people want to push the envelope and go beyond the basic functions; it is for those people that I have made this page. I assume that you know how to gunzip the file and are not scared of doing a little editing of the VRML file. Most of the following examples can be done by careful cut & pasting from the example to your file.

Where do I get Avatar Studio? There have been several locations where you can download it, the current one is here...

Parlez Vous Francais? The French version of Avatar Studio is FREE. Get the file called ASFR20HD.zip (28 M).  You can get the French version here or you may find them here also.

Here is a collection of resources that other World Builder's have put together, we hope that you find them useful.

[NOTE: Naked Avatars will get you banned from Cybertown, so you have been warned!]
A tutorial by LoneWolffe on adding accessories to Avatar Studio avatars.
There is a Avatar Studio French to English set of translations, unzip it in the Avatar Studio executable folder; it replaces the French labels with English ones. This patch was created by Paul Aslin aka Panoramious aka FabricatorGeneral to which we are indebted.
An on-line translation of many of the menu items. Nice for the French impaired. Learn a little VRML, learn a little French, viva la differance!
Patches that join Avatar Studio 1.0 & 2.0 French versions... If you have the French version of AvS1 and AvS2, you can merge all the clothing items into one large palette to select from (hosted by Ziekerdanziek ).
Other Avatar Studio tips and tricks by Panoramious
Ziekerdanziek has two nice tutorials about adding a link or adding a sound to an avatar.

NOTE: I did not come up with all of this stuff out of my own head. I learned about it by collecting and modifying examples. I simply added my own avatars and commented the code a little better.

As you will see, there are many things you can do to Avatar Studio avatars in "post production" to enhance your presence in cyberspace. Hopefully these examples are clear enough to follow. If there is some other interesting technique that you know about, send me the file and I will be happy to add it to the collection. Happy Building!

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