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How do I make an Avatar Studio 1.0 avatar Walk and have Idle Gestures ?

Go to and read blaxxun's Avatar Studio 1.0 PDF file. Specifically you will want to read Appendix A: Adding Enhanced Animations.

After you read about it, you can go directly to the summary for the cut and paste steps to add Walk & Idle.

For the walk gesture, I use gesture 9. I have essentially two animation positions (1 and 9 are identical). Position one has the left arm forward, left leg back, right leg forward, right arm back. Position 5 is just the opposite. Position 9 is the same as position 1, so I just drag and drop the the gestures from position 1 to position 9 for each body part. The end effect is a gesture that is one whole step. I usually put a head twist and body twist and perhaps a up movement at positions 3 and 7.

All right, gesture 10 is STAND. Yuppers, just plain old standing there. No movement. When gesture 9 (walk) is finished, it triggers off gesture 10 (or really when movement of the Avatar ceases 10 goes off).

OK, now you will see that I do not follow the instructions exactly, I think things are easier this way...

The Idle Gestures part of blaxxun's tutorial suggests making 3 additional gestures in a "dummy" avatar and merging them into your avatar. I don't do this, I just recycle infrequently used gestures already in the original avatar file. I find it hard enough to come up with 10 unique gestures; 13 are just too much and it is not worth the extra effort or increase in the file size.

So, to do both the walk and idle gestures I use the following steps from blaxxun's Avatar Studio Appendix A [Walk 5,6,8,9 and Idle 15,16,17 & 19] In the code for step 17, I change the gestures from 10,11,12, to 0,1,2.

OK, if you are like me, here is the example file that you are looking for...

Here is an annotated text file that you can look at in a text editor [ LargeMarge ] If you rename it from .txt to .wrl, you can see it in your VRML plug-in. I put my comments after ### in the file so you can see what step from the instructions I followed. The bulk of the stuff is towards the bottom above the ROUTE steps.


Maybe this makes more sense... You can do it all with just these 3 steps...

1. Change TS9 to look like this...

# gesture9 : Walks ### added TRUE enabled FALSE to the line below
DEF TS9 TimeSensor{cycleInterval 1.3333 loop TRUE enabled FALSE}

2. Make sure the eventIn for G8 & G9 look like this...

eventIn SFTime G8 ### Removed IS statement
eventIn SFTime G9 ### Removed IS statement

3. Put all this stuff after the  #sript Welder and above the routes at the bottom of the VRML file.

4. Find function Touch(t){ G9(t);} and change it to function Touch(t){ G1(t);}
    This will change the touch gesture from 9 to 1 (nine is now walk!).

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