Avatar Geometry
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Many people need help with the basic dimension of humanoid avatars. I find that I am not as interested in creating the common dimensions as I am in giving them life through gestures. I obtained the following geometry from a demo of CosmoWorlds™ and have found these models to be an excellent starting point for my investigations into VRML avatar animation. I hope they don't mind my sharing them with you. I have had excellent results animating these models using Flux Studio™.

These models show how to mimic the human form with the repetitive use of a single graphics primitive. They were made by Paul Isaacs and he granted them to the public domain. In my opinion; that means I can use them, and you can too.

http://philliphansel.org/avatars/hanim/sphere_man.wrl http://philliphansel.org/avatars/hanim/cyl_man.wrl
http://philliphansel.org/avatars/hanim/cube_man.wrl http://philliphansel.org/avatars/hanim/primativeman.wrl

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