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The intention of the following pages is to provide insight and information to individuals wishing to know more about the Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML/X3D) in order to help them more fully participate in the 3D activities of Cybertown. (RIP - no longer in service).

VRML is/was 3D for the Internet. Although VRML met the needs of many, it was improved upon by changing the syntax to XML; the underlying code looks different, but the concepts remain mostly the same. The XML-ization allows developers to interact with databases, certain facets of operating systems, browsers, etc... Find out more about X3D by visiting the Web3D consortium website.

I assume that you have a 3D browser plug-in. This site will be more enjoyable if you have a VRML viewer (and perhaps incomprehensible if you do not). You can get one by selecting an icon from the list below.

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