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Flux Studio FAQ

Flux Studio is an all purpose VRML/X3D modeling and animation program that additionally includes several features that work well at Cybertown or other blaxxun multi-user 3D chat environments. Because earlier versions of Flux Studio were FREE beta programs, the documentation was less than complete. I have tried to fill in some of those gaps and to provide some examples for my fellow citizens at Cybertown. Flux Studio has now been released on a commercial basis and is free for personal use. NOTE: It is now called Vivaty Create and is focused towards social networking 3D environments.

Although Flux Studio may seem difficult at first, you may find that it is not the application, but rather the concept of making 3D objects on a 2D screen that you are struggling with. I have used many VRML modeling applications and I feel comfortable saying that the Flux Studio interface is easier to learn and use than many others. A wise man once said, "you ain't going to break nuttin, hit the button and see what happens". Another wise man added infinite un-do/re-do capabilities to this program.

Flux Studio has been around for a while, so long that it has had several names. 

It was originally called Spazz3D, that evolved into a revamped program with X3D capabilities which was called Vizx3d.  After Virtock Inc. formed a partnership with Media Machines, the application was renamed to Flux Studio. It is still a rose by any other name, and now might be considered more politically correct for usage of the software in centers of learning or business environments. NOTE: It is now called Vivaty

Flux Studio has many more features than Vizx3d, VizX3D had many improvements over Spazz3D. The greatest improvement is that it outputs code in the new standard for 3D on the Internet; X3D (VRML's replacement). There are many additional little features added which make Flux Studio closer to the full functionality of the X3D specification. Single mesh avatar humanoid animation standard are now supported with tools to "bind the mesh" to a pre-built skeleton with standard joint names. The Index Face Editor has been enhanced and extended. New features in the VRML/X3D standard such as multi-texturing have been added. The keyframe editor/animator has been rethought and improved. Many little things... too numerous to enumerate. Flux Studio allows the import of old .SPZ files; your old files are still good.

Disclaimer: Many of these web pages were written long ago, the user interface in Flux Studio may look different than the images in some examples. The concepts however remain the same.  

I recommend that you too use many tools, they all have different positive and negative points. Flux Studio is just one of the weapons in my arsenal, but it is one that I have found I can wield effectively.

I also recommend learning about hand coding techniques, most authoring programs do not support the full range of possibilities in VRML/X3D, and understanding what is going on behind the scenes will allow you to compose more efficient items and worlds.

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