Everybody's Talking
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D                 D7th
Everybody's talking 'bout
G                     G7th
Everything that could
D                      D7th
go the way they want it to
G           G7th
only if it would.

[//// Choppy]
      C                                   A
But don't you come talking to me
     C                                  E
no don't you come talking to me.

'Cause you don't know
that I don't know,
C                      E
So I thought I'd tell you so.

Everybody's wishing, it would go away.
Everything would all be done,
only yesterday.

Everybody's wishing, it would all come true.
Everybody's thinking 'bout the things they'd do.

[repeat 1st verse]

Chords and lyrics by Mr. Phillip 1985

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