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BigC     G         Dm            
And he cried for a mountain,
BigC     G           Dm7th (F w/o3rd finger)
but the mountain turned to sand,
C          G      Em   Em7th BarF
and on the power of the waves (rest)
G                   BigC
was washed from the land.
And he'd shout for a rainbow,
but it'd just echo around his brain,
and the tears kept a fallin'....
with the thunder and the rain.
And he longed for the sunshine,
just a feeling he might know,
but the ground cracked around him....
and the teardrops turned to snow.
BigC is a C chord with an extra G 
held down on the 6th string.
Dm7th is like an F chord w/o the 3rd finger.

Chords and lyrics by Mr. Phillip 1981

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