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The wonderful folks at GeoCities asked me "CAN YOU CARRY A TUNE?". Specifically they said...
"The GeoAnthem competition is rocking, rolling and ready for your submissions. All you have to is write a GeoAnthem, both words and music, about GeoCities that conveys the spirit of our communities. It can be about GeoCities as a whole or about your particular neighborhood. TimesSquare CL Chris Bowden is going to create a list of all the songs, organized by neighborhood, and let you vote for the winner. For more information, follow the 'GeoAnthem Competition' link through "

NOTE: GeoCities was bought by Yahoo! and then deleted from the Internet. R.I.P.

Well, this is my reply. You be the judge. It's sorta a Scotch Snap/Swing pentatonic ditty which I composed for the tin whistle. Original tune, lyrics, and performance by Mr. Phillip.

GeoCities Cybersong:

#F  E  D    B,   #F  E  D      B
GeoCities, sometimes pretty,
#F     E     #F   A      #F   E   D
sometimes right there in your face.
#F   E  D    B,   #F  E  D       B
GeoCities, sometimes gritty.
B       A     B    A     D      D    E   D
What ya' want from cyberspace ?

D     E     #F     A     B     A     #F     D
You can waltz right through the valleys.
D     E     #F     A     B     A     #F...     
You can surf down Bourbon Street.
D     E     #F     A     B     A     #F    D
You can get to know some people,
D     E     #F     A     #F     E     D
That you'll never really meet.

GeoCities, sometimes pretty,
sometimes right there in your face.
GeoCities, sometimes gritty.
What ya' want from cyberspace ?

Well if you've been here quite forever,
or you're only passing through,
when you come to GeoCities,
there is always something new.


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