Meet Me
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G+d              Am            
Meet me when the sun goes down,
Bm                    BigC 
I don't know where I might be found,
          G Gsus4 G {to Coda}
just you meet me.
D        Am  Am7th     G Gsus4 G
When the sun begins to shine,
D        Am  Am7th     G Gsus4 G
then you are no longer mine.
Meet me in the village square,
I won't know you, I won't even care,
just you meet me.
When the sun has gone to bed,
that's the time I raise my head.
Meet me in the market place,
I don't know you,
but I'll recognize your face,
just you meet me.  :|
 G Gsus4 Asus4 Gsus4 G Gsus4 G
Notes: G+d is a G chord with a D added
on the 2nd string. ie. Smush down 
1st & 2nd strings in 3rd fret with 
your pinky.
BigC is a C chord with an extra G 
held down on the 6th string.
Gsus4 is the notes C and G on the 
1st and 2nd strings respectively.
On the ending (Coda), move Gsus4 up
two frets and back a few times.

Chords and lyrics by Mr. Phillip 1985

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