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This page mentions a collection of various tools which are not VRML editors or modelers, but are essential to the building process.

Win-GZ http://vrmlworks.crispen.org Why is the only gzip program for Win9x/NT/2k a console app? Wouldn't it be much nicer to have a real Windows application that lets you gzip and gunzip files? I thought so, too. Here it is. It requires kernel32.dll, user32.dll, comctl32.dll, comdlg32.dll, and crtdll.dll, all of which you should already have on your machine. It doesn't use any functions in those DLLs that didn't come with the first release of Windows 95, so whatever versions you already have of those DLLs should work fine. Version 1.1 (92,988 bytes, zipped).

This tool courtesy of Rev. Bob Crispen. If you have not visited his VRML Works site, then you owe yourself a visit. For your convienience (and to reduce the bandwidth demands on Rev. Bob's site), I have mirrored a copy of his WinGZ code here for you to download (89KB).

Many people ask me about file converters, how to get from XYZ format to ABC format. Crossroads 3D is a Windows freeware application that can translate between several 3D file formats that was written by Keith Rule. In an effort to reduce the number of downloads on his server I have mirrored a copy of his fine work for you to download here (2megs).  The world appreciates your efforts Keith!

Many people (mostly Americans) have difficulty thinking in metric and so a converter tool comes in handy. Here is one that does Feet to Meters quite well along with many many other conversions that might be useful. If you want to convert miles per hour into furlongs per fortnight, this is the tool for you.


A wonderful tool I found to make fascinating original textures to cover your VRML objects with is called TILES. No copyright worries! Download the FREE program right here.

Welcome to Tiles by Syntrillium Software! Although there is no technical support for this program, it is completely FREE! Pass it out or post it anywhere. Oh, and please visit our web site at http://www.syntrillium.com for more interesting programs!

This program could also be called "Quilt" or "Wrapping Paper". The algorithm was adapted from an algorithm given in the Mathematical Recreations column by Ian Stewart in Scientific American, December 1992.
Only the tile pattern for one tile is saved when writing to disk. The entire pattern can be recreated by tiling the saved bitmap. Since the pattern has a fractal nature, you may see unique designs spanning more than one tile.
Try using this program for making fun looking web page backdrops! Practically no two backdrops will ever be alike. If you change the Pattern Size setting, the tile will be recalculated at the new size. This is a good way to zoom in on interesting patterns.
The longer you let the program run, the more intricate and detailed the pattern becomes.

Tiles (c)1997 Syntrillium Software Corporation. All rights reserved.

Leveller is an excellent program to create landscapes; you can easily make random hills, valleys, and rivers in a totally visual fashion. While it supports many other formats, the VRML export option allows the creation of a complete VRML world with not only a variably colored elevation node, but also a background, camera location, and more. The demo version will allow you to export perfectly valid VRML files for FREE.

Welcome to the demonstration version of Leveller, the powerful but easy-to-use terrain/heightfield editor from Daylon Graphics. Leveller is great for:
Visualizing and editing digital terrain, including flight visualization/animation, and 3D cartography.
Exploring the use of heightfields for modeling 3D objects besides terrain, such as bump patterns, text carvings, material spills, light fixture encasings, spacecraft hulls, material deposits, cushions, flags, paper, signage, below-ground swimming pools, etc.
Quickly developing starting-point meshes of objects that are difficult and/or time-consuming to otherwise model, such as rocks, asteroids, caves, tree trunks, etc.

IrfanView is a very fast FREEWARE (for non-commercial use)
32-Bit graphic viewer for Windoze95/98 and Windows NT.

The first graphic viewer WORLDWIDE with Multiple (animated) GIF support One of the first graphic viewers WORLDWIDE with Multipage TIFF support The first graphic viewer WORLDWIDE with Multiple ICO support

Thumbnails, Preview, Drag & Drop Support, fast Directory View (fast moving through directory), Print Support, Scan (TWAIN) Support, Slideshow, Batch conversion, change the color depth, audio CD player, Capturing, Cut/Crop, Effects (Blur, Sharpen etc.) and many many more ...
Only one EXE-File, no DLLs, no Shareware Messages like "I Agree" ...

The VRML news group (news:comp.lang.vrml) is not a tool per se, but it is a place to learn more about your craft and you will find that participants frequently answer questions.

Additionally, the VRML content developers mailing list provides a veritable plethora of information about VRML. For list subscription instructions, send email to www-vrml-request@vrml.org with text "info". This major-domo remailer has up to 200 posts a week, so it is not for the timid. This is the list for the creators of VRML, by the creators of VRML.

While not strictly a tool, Web3D at about.com is a valuable VRML resource. This site provides VRML news articles, forums and chat concerning VRML, VRML books, and numerous links to additional resources.

For more information on free tools, please see Bob Crispen's VRMLworks:

There is a world of 3D tools; free, shareware, and otherwise, for windows at.... http://www.winfiles.com/apps/98/graph-editors-3d.html

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