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If you have VRMLpad, you probably want to get my macro add-ins that add menu items for some commonly used VRML nodes. Heck, why not get the add-ins by the following contributors...


GridEditor Want to make an elevation grid? How about a 16KB tool that makes it dead easy?  Download it, unzip it, and double click on grideditor.bat. It is so push-button simple that no documentation is needed, you've got to like that! PS This is a Java tool so you need to have a Java runtime installed on your machine.


Art of Illusion is a free, open source 3D modelling and rendering studio. It is written entirely in Java, and should be usable on any Java Virtual Machine which is compatible with JDK 1.1 or later.

Parlez Vous Francais? The French version of Avatar Studio is FREE. Get the file called (28 M).  You can get the French version here.

[NOTE: Naked Avatars will get you banned from Cybertown, so you have been warned!]
A tutorial by LoneWolffe on adding accessories to AvS avatars...
[NOTE2: Here is a Avatar Studio French to English set of translations, unzip it in the Avatar Studio executable folder; it replaces the French labels with English ones. This patch was created by Paul Aslin aka Panoramious aka FabricatorGeneral to which we are indebted.]
An on-line translation of many of the menu items...
Patches that join Avatar Studio 1.0 & 2.0 French versions...
Other Avatar Studio tips and tricks. by Panoramious

sPatch is a FREE spline-based 3D modeling program for Windows 95/NT. It's perfectly suited for a wide range of applications, from building models for VRML browsers to POV-Ray. sPatch is a small but powerful 3D NURBS type mesh modeler that will export VRML97 meshes. It does not do textures or animations, but will allow you to make a fine base object to be finished in other applications.

If you're a patch fan, do check out HamaPatch.

DoGA CGA also a freebie with VRML export.  There is even a extra set
of human parts available (see my post in the DoGA forum.)  Handy for
those without the time or skill to make their own meshes.

These two suggestions above courtesy of Rydak

WinPlace 9.3 is freeware. It is a feature-rich 2D and 3D modeling tool (written in Visual Basic) which allows rapid creation and visualization of design concepts. It's WMF, VRML and BMP file export formats support insertion of the design into most Windows/CAD applications. Basic introductory type editor of limited capability, but good for beginners.

RcCad Software: FREE downloadRCAD has a free demo that easily allows the creation of airplanes and spaceships. You can save the items as VRML. They have lots of pre-built models which you could drag into Flux Studio, run the avatar wizard, and save them as instant avatars. Click on the RCAD logo to go to the site.

AC3D is a popular 3D object/scene modeller available for Windows and Linux (previous versions for SGI, Solaris and HP also available). It's very easy to use but powerful too - anyone can create good looking 3d objects in minutes.

Whether you want to design 3d objects for games or build your dream home in virtual reality, AC3D is the ideal way to quickly turn your ideas into great three dimensional models.

NOTE: The demo version does not save in the internal format, so you will have to make something perfect, export it to VRML and be done with it. The registered version is less than 40 bucks, so skip taking your husband out to dinner one night and buy this program.

Strata 3D is an Industrial Strength 3D modeling and rendering package.The most awarded 3D product in its class. Whether this is your first voyage into 3D, or you are a seasoned operator, STRATA 3D delivers everything you can imagine to any medium you choose. With STRATA 3D, you hold in your hands the power to be the next Jacques Cousteau of modern media.

dune is a simple 3D modeling and animation tool for the authoring of VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language). dune is a weekend hack that went horribly, horribly wrong. dune is delicious and nutritious. dune is fun for the whole family. Great tool, no real documentation.

NOTE: white_dune (graphical VRML97 Editor and animation tool) "white_dune" is a attempt to continue the work of Stephen F. White on the program "dune". It is rather useless as 3D Modeler, except you work with the new VRML200x type NURBS Node. We use dune, to teach people how VRML97 works. We use it also as a simple animation tool and in situations, when a easy change of a small scenegraph is needed (e.g. when you work with interaction, especially drag sensors).This code is developed on UNIX machines though there is a Microsoft Windows binary is available. Not for the timid.

IBM HotMedia is the industry's most complete solution for incorporating rich media effects in today's web applications. HotMedia lets you easily add interactions and special effects such as video, 3D, animations, panoramas, streaming audio synchronized with images and more. It provides a single, easy to use authoring environment for creation of a wide range of rich media effects. The result is a single file containing multiple interactive elements that is easily added to a web page. HotMedia does not require a plug-in or any special servers and its offered free-of-charge from IBM.

In addition to other media types, static VRML models can be imported into the authoring tool and encoded in single resolution mode with the MPEG-4 3D Mesh Coding tools. More features will be added in subsequent releases.

You can download both the authoring tool and Java players for free from

RenderSoft VRML Editor. A small and simple VRML editor. It allows you to place and move simple objects and then texture and/or animate them. It also does text and extrusions. It is shareware with a $15.00 (US) registration fee.

CiteMap Builder by Trivista taught me about VRML in frames, spatialization and how to munge (highly compressed VRML)  a world. CiteMap allows the easy construction of a 3D area in which users can click on objects which are hyperlinks to other items on the web site. 3D site navigation. Included are numerous VRML models and a VRML data trimmer which can remove all blank spaces, linefeeds, and comments from a world and then gzip it. This makes for highly compressed code with quicker download times. You may want to get this code for the data trimmer alone. Easy to use tool for beginners!

[NOTE: sometime later....CiteMap Builder is now absolutely
FREE, so go get it. They are focusing on other aspects of their business now and so have donated the code to the public!]

CiteMap Builder is a simple to use program which provides a drag and click introduction to creating a 3D space in which objects can be linked to Web addresses, or to other virtual objects. Within minutes of installing CiteMap Builder, you can create and publish your 3D world, complete with links. The software includes over 100 ready-to-use VRML objects.

Sony'sCommunity Place Conductor allows you to animate objects. I used other tools to make objects and CPC to "give them life". Sony also has their own VRML browser plugin, and their own 3D multi-user worlds. It is a good tool for simple animations, but I got lost in the graphical interface to routing actions. You may understand it better than me, or I perhaps did not spend enough time with it. But it is FREE!

Community Place Conductor ("Conductor" in the following pages) is the authoring tool that confirms to VRML 2.0. Conductor 2.0 Preview Release 1a has the following features:

Conforms to VRML 2.0.
Drag and drop to add a node.
Enables you to specify values for node attributes.
Enables you to specify textures for sound and objects.
Enables you to switch between the Execution and Edit modes.
Conforms to Java (JRE1.1.3, JDK1.1.3, or later).
Enables you to edit independently in each scope by switching the current scope.
The Script Expert function to automatically create a script node.
Enables you to add/delete routing while displaying it on the screen.
Enables you to edit keyframes.
Enables you to edit PROTO.
Supports USE.

X3D-Edit is a graphics file editor for Extensible 3D (X3D) that enables simple error-free editing, authoring and validation of X3D or VRML scene-graph files. X3D-Edit uses the XML tagset defined by the X3D Document Type Definition (DTD) in combination with Sun's Java, IBM's Xeena XML editor, and an editor profile configuration file. This is the future of 3D modeling for the web.

Initial tests of autoinstallers for windows, linux, mac and solaris are positive. Some improvements to mac (paths) in progress. X3D-Edit closely (daily) tracks any progress or refinements in X3D development, and now has a pretty thorough set of error checks on scenes. Tooltip pages and corresponding X3D-Edit versions available in French, German and Spanish thanks to contributors.

VermelGen is a FREE VRML 2.0 scenegraph editor that runs within the browser environment. It is built on top of the JVerge class libraries. This allows the editor to run with any browser that you wish.

VermelGen was started as a project in a book that Justin Couch wrote with Bernie Roehl called Late Night VRML 2.0 and Java (check out Amazon books for ordering info). It is a book I would heartily recommend to anyone that wants to know some real hardcore things about integrating Java with VRML. This editor was one project.


While VermelGen is still early in its development cycle you will find that it is remarkably capable. Within the editor you are able to work with 30 of the 54 VRML nodes. How many of those succeed is entirely dependent on the browser you are using. Some browsers support more nodes than others. This makes testing of VermelGen an extremely interesting exercises to say the least. Is it a bug in the editor, JVerge or the browser itself?

Most nodes are added or edited using just a dialog box where you fill in the details of the node. The basic philosophy of VermelGen is that you already know VRML 2.0 and just want to get an automated process of generating a scene. Most of the simple nodes follow this pattern. We have included some slightly more advanced editing options as our time permits.


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