Prior Work Experience
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Phillip Sand Hansel II

Previous Work Experience

Date Company Nature of Job
09/03/80 The Analysts Inc. (Mudlogging) Attained the rank of Total Concept Unit Manager: 28 locations in GOM
07/30/78 Barber Bridge Builders Earth excavation, unconsolidated cement relocation, and location grooming.
05/18/77 Self employed Suburban landscape care and maintenance, protective coatings application specialist (exteriors)
09/10/76 University of Arkansas Student Union Sterilization of gastronomic implements with automated machinery
04/30/76 Ragland Bishop Construction Protective coatings applications specialist (interiors & exteriors), Contractor's Assistant
01/01/75 Springdale Daily News Independent print media delivery and distribution
06/15/74 Nelson Machine Tools Metals shaping machine operator (lathe, drill press, & grinder).
03/01/73 Howard Pools Uni-wheeled bulk transport operator, earth excavation and relocation
05/01/73 American Aero Industries Protective coatings application specialist, rust removal with pneumatic percussive device and abrasive particles
05/30/70 Lamp of China Sterilization of gastronomic implements with semi-automated techniques.
07/07/68 Houston Chronicle Independent print media packaging and distribution.
04/30/67 Self employed Independent operator in the field of suburban landscape care and maintenance