Continuing Education
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Phillip Sand Hansel II

Continuing Education
School Date Remark
Hunter's Creek Elementary 06/01/61 Kindergarten
Spring Branch Jr. High 06/01/68 Houston, Texas
Memorial High School 06/01/72 Houston, Texas
Roger's High School 06/01/73 Rogers, Arkansas
San Jaciento Jr. College 05/05/75 Undergraduate course work
University of Arkansas 05/12/79 Bachelors of Science Geology
University of Houston 12/12/82 Oil and Gas Law
"Chev School" 10/15/82 Chevron Geoscience
Basic Formation Evaluation 11/19/82 Chevron USA (Bob Murphy)
Intermediate Formation Evaluation 05/21/84 Standard Oil Company of California
Intro to SAS 04/29/85 Gulf South and East Offshore
Advanced Log Analysis 05/28/87 Schlumberger Educational Services
Basic Reservoir Engineering 07/10/88 Chevron Geosciences
Practical Reservoir Simulation 10/07/88 Chevron Exploration and Production Services
Chevron Production History System 10/18/89 CEPS Houston, Texas
GDDM Presentation Graphics 08/28/89 Self study SGML (a superset of HTML)
Introduction to DOS 02/06/91 BusinessLand
Intermediate DOS 02/07/91 BusinessLand
UNIX Utilities & Commands 05/15/91 Digital Equipment Corporation Educational Services
Computer Mapping School 03/22/91 CEPS Houston, Texas
Zmap Plus 10/07/91 Landmark/Zycor Austin. Texas
Computer Mapping Concepts 11/17/92 CEPS Houston, Texas
Introduction to OpenWorks 05/19/92 Landmark Graphics Corporation
StratWorks Applications 05/24/92 Landmark Graphics Corporation
OpenWorks Data Loading 05/26/92 Landmark Graphics Corporation
Fundamentals of SAS Ver6.0 04/07/93 SAS Institute
GeoDataWorks 04/23/93 Landmark Graphics Corporation
OpenWorks3.0 & System Admin. 03/28/94 Landmark Graphics Corporation
Geologic Data Management 04/20/93 Landmark Graphics Corporation
Stratworks 2.0 07/07/91 Landmark Graphics Corporation
UNIX Korn Shell Programming 03/09/95 Digital Equipment Corporation Educational Srv.
End User SQL 07/13/95 Oracle Education
Facilitative Leadership 07/20/95 Interaction Associates
Earth Modeling Synthesis Workshop 04/28/97 Chevron Production Technology Company
Landmark Product Masters Program 09/15/97 Landmark Graphics Corporation
GeoFrame Seismic Interpretation 05/16/98 Schlumberger GeoQuest
Sequence Stratigraphy 05/11/01 Subsurface Consultants & Associates
Applied Subsurface Geologic Mapping 04/06/02 Subsurface Consultants & Associates