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Twenty-six years of industry experience supporting a broad range of geologic, geophysical, and engineering applications in a variety of computing environments. Proven ability to resolve issues relating to the data, the applications, the hardware, and the end-users. Highly motivated, goal oriented, team playing, geologic applications expert with excellent communication skills.




A2D Technologies, A TGS-NOPEC Company


Well Log Analyst – WorkStation Ready



·          Prepare digital well log data to be used in geologic workstation applications by multiple clients (WorkStation Ready processing). Steps in the WSR process include removing casing effects, depth adjusting logs, splicing curves, calculating ancillary curves, and standardizing trace mnemonics and units of measure. Mastered Petcom’s Powerlog application for log processing.

·          Develop, document, and deploy process workflows for WSR and advanced log analysis techniques (multi-curve Shale Volume calculations).

·          Develop utility applications that document WSR processing steps in LAS file headers.

·          Educate fellow employees about the processes and data involved in the search for oil.




Geologic Applications Analyst



·          Created and maintained 107 Landmark OpenWorks projects used by over 60 earth scientists. Acquired, manipulated, imported and updated a wide variety of geologic information into the OpenWorks SQL relational database.

·          Supported clients by creating Schlumberger's GeoQuest (IESX) projects and populating them with geophysical (seismic) information and well locations, curves and marker information.

·          Enabled the Earth Scientists to focus on prospect generation instead of data management issues and through one-on-one training enabled them to use the applications more effectively.

·          Served as a mentor and problem resolution resource for numerous geologic and engineering technicians.

·          Documented solutions and best practices through acting as Webmaster of the Information Technology Earth Science Application Support web site.

·          Loaded data, including well location or biographic information, directional survey information, well log curves, historical markers or formation picks, casing, liner, perforations, packers, plugs, casing shoes, production volumes and sidewall sample information. This information was in turn used for well log correlation, the generation of geologic cross sections, and in the creation of geologic maps.


Processing analyst co-located with Main Pass Profit Center



·          Geologic data acquisition, manipulation, loading, and management.

·          Provided assistance to Earth Scientists in the use of geologic applications.

·          Supported GoCad and Landmark's OpenWorks, Stratworks, and Zmap+ applications.

·          Provided geologic and systems support for Main Pass 299 3D Earth Modeling project.


Production Workstation Support Analyst



·          Populated projects with well locations, directional survey data, well log traces and other well bore related information.

·          Assisted the geologists in correlating well logs, creating cross sections, maps and earth models for reservoir simulation.

·          Performed system administration functions, created user accounts, performed disk management, and assisted users in learning system commands.

·          Predicted future performance of oil fields via reservoir simulation, allowing the prediction of the optimum way to produce a reservoir, reduce risks and get the maximum return on the investment.


Rapid Well Log Evaluation System Support



·          Created and populated projects with well biographical, directional survey and log trace information.

·          Performed analysis to solve logs for shale volume, porosity and water saturation and created displays of the results.

·          Trained and acted as mentor to several technicians in four locations through on-site visits to each office and remote phone support.

·          Resulted in quantitative information relating to volumes of petroleum that may be extracted from a reservoir.


Well Log Services Technician



·          Processed well logs for Chevron Overseas Petroleum, Aramco and the Sudanese government.

·          Acquired log digits and solved for shale volume, porosity, and water saturation.

·          Resulted in the quantification of reservoir volume, better drilling and production plans, and permanent composite records of the digital results of drilling oil wells.




Total Concept Unit Manager



·          Supervised the setup and daily operations of mud logging unit and crew.

·          Created logs of drilling parameters and mud relayed information that provided an indication of lithology, hydrocarbon presence, and pore pressure.

·          Activities resulted in safer drilling operations by avoiding well kicks and blowouts and also gave me first-hand experience in the fundamentals of drilling for petroleum.




Bachelor of Science, Geology

The University of Arkansas

San Jacinto Junior College, Houston, Texas




Software: Microsoft Office suite (Word, FrontPage, Excel, and PowerPoint). Expertise gained in Adobe PhotoShop, scanning software, firewalls, ftp tools, text editing tools, and 3D modeling applications.


Operating systems: PC: DOS, Windows 3.1, 95, 98, NT, and XP. UNIX operating systems: DEC VAX and Ultrix, Sun Solaris, and SGI Irix. Mainframe: IBM's VM/CMS and MVS/TSO.


Programming and scripting skills using: JCL/JES2, CLIST, REXX, DCL, FORTRAN, SAS, SQL, HTML, VRML/X3D, JavaScript, and UNIX commands and utilities.


Course work: Oil and Gas Law, Basic Log Interpretation and Formation Evaluation, Basic geophysics, Intermediate Formation Evaluation, Advanced Log Analysis, Basic Reservoir Engineering, Reservoir Simulation, Chevron's Production History System, Ultrix Utilities and Commands, Computer Mapping, Zycor's Zmap+, Computer Mapping Concepts Seminar, Introduction to OpenWorks, OpenWorks Data Loading, Stratworks Applications, Geologic Data Management, GeoDataWorks, StratWorks, OpenWorks System Administration, gOcad, Sequence Stratigraphy, Applied Subsurface Geologic Mapping.


Professional memberships: SPWLA and X3D consortium.