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Here are some Fractal Tiles (or Fractiles) that I calculated using Fractal Vision. These tile great in 2D and pretty good in 3D. If you right-click on these images and select "set as wallpaper" these images will be tiled onto your desktop. Most of them are too vivid for continual use, but they sure look nice. I also use them as textures on my VRML items. Download the zip files above for more images.

yellow_quad.png (5651 bytes)  purple_eyes.png (86115 bytes)   violet_eye.png (83195 bytes)

purple_lips.png (35498 bytes)   mauve_spade.png (64883 bytes)   purple_bulls.png (55925 bytes)

green_diamonds.png (49860 bytes)  zebra.png (41480 bytes)  chain.png (69035 bytes) 

ammnoid_chain.png (70883 bytes)  pink_ammnoid.png (39542 bytes)  blue_eye.png (95454 bytes)

green_flower.png (81611 bytes)  pink_bar.png (72580 bytes)  pastel_passion.png (48790 bytes) 

diamond.png (59770 bytes)  mauve_twist.png (21766 bytes)  blue_bulge.png (99181 bytes)


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