Web Development Section

Consultation Time - Total Number of hours of consultation time for this project. This includes estimated time required to review the specification and material related to the intended web site. $75 per hour. First hour is free.



Number Of Pages - Enter the total number of static pages you plan for your web site. $10 per page.


Number Of Images - Enter the overall total number of images or photographs you plan for the above static pages. Do not include images held in a database for dynamically generated pages. $5.00 per image.
Images Scanning - Enter the total number of images we will need to scan from photographs or pictures you already have. $10.00 per image.
Images Generation - Enter the total number of other images or photographs we will need to provide from our stock. $5.00 per image.
Simple Custom Graphic Design - Enter the total number of simple graphics we will need to design for your site. $50 each.
How Many Forms - How many forms (order forms, feedback forms, etc.) will your web site need. $50.00 each.
Average Fields Per Form - Enter the average number of fields the forms on your web site will have. $5.00 each.
Simple Animation - Number of simple animations you would like to have. $25.00 each.
Minutes Of Sound Conversion - Enter total number of minutes of sound we will need to convert from what you already have. $15.00 per minute.
Text-Based Navigation Menu - Select Yes for text based navigation from page to page on your site. $5.00 for each page. Yes
Graphical Navigation Menu - Select Yes for graphic based navigation from page to page on your site. $10.00 for each page. Yes
3D Virtual Reality and Flash Production Units - (VRML/Web3D, Java3D, Flash) Please contact us for help with this parameter.

Web Hosting Section

Hours Of Consultation Time: 3  Price: $210 
 Number Of Pages: 10  Price: $100.00 
 Total Number Of Images: 5  Price: $25.00
 Images Scanning: 5  Price: $50 
 Simple Custom Graphics: 2  Price: $100 
 How Many Forms: 1  Price: $50 
 Average Fields Per Form: 8  Price: $40   
Shopping Cart:  Price: $15.00/month 
 3D VR and Flash Production Units:  Price: Negotiable 
 Search Engine Submissions:

 Hosting Package: average  Price Per Month: $15.00 
 Dedicated IP: checked  Price Per Month: $5.00 
 Domain Registration: 1  Price: $49 (yearly)
(InterNic charge not included) 

Total Site Construction Price: $575.00
Total Hosting Price Per Month: $20.00 
Total Domain Setup Price: $49 (InterNic included)
Total Estimated Price: $865.00
Important Note: The above is an estimated price. Our fees are based on
hourly rates, except for hosting services. Don't be mislead by unrealistic promises. Get the quality you need for the results you expect.

Work is subject to our Standard Service Agreement.