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I make music, as you have heard. But, I also make web pages as you can tell.Mr. Phillip

I am a contributor to WikiHow, and have authored or edited the following pages...

 Some of my other interests include Juggling. In addition to the web site I created when I was with the New Orleans Jugglers, I have authored and added to numerous WikiHow pages on the topic.

For a long time I was a voice in the world of 3D modeling with VRML and X3D, I said a lot about it when I created the World Builder's Guild.

I started out long ago with a free site on geocities that is still there.  
[NOTE: GeoCities R.I.P., it was bought by Yahoo! and then deleted from the web. 

Additionally, I documented a number of Physics Class Assignments that I got involved with (too much so?) with my son while he was in high school.

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