Prizes & Awards
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Prizes  & Special Awards

General Prizes & Awards for the top ranked entries

Generous Guild members have all contributed beaucoup CC's which will be divided up and awarded to winning entries in each category. The Guild extends profound thanks to everyone that anted up to create this award pool.

by: Fire Valkyrie

by: TxBornVaNow

by: MrPhillip (& Hypocrates)
Sponsor: World Builder's Guild
Theme: Parade Award Trophies

There are several sponsored awards. They are the responsibility of the individual sponsors. They will just show up and hand them out to the appropriate people.

(They only need to involve us if they can't attend)

Golden Bear Award

Custom trophy and 50,000cc prize going to the Best Float from a Northern Californian Perspective.

Sponsored by Epistomolus

The Darlin Trophy

Criteria: The float that makes us clap our hands and say, "oh mah what a darlin
Judges: Dixie, Paden, and our main advisor Lucy3_.
Prizes: The "Darlin Trophy" and 50,000 ccs.

The trophy is a 3d darlin pink trophy object with a special thumb indicating
the builders name, and if a hood, block or club is involved also appearing
on the thumb.

Sponsored by Dixie Darlin

Most Legendary Float

The prize and trophy for the SciFi Legends is 150,000ccs and a fine Virtual Trophy. Yes 150,000 CCs.  The prize money came from the NL of Legends neighborhood in SciFi Colony; LadiDdraig and one of her ND's Drogon.

Wovencroft  made this fine trophy.

This Category will be judged by Jadzia exclusively.


The TOXIC award specs....... is the thumbnail :)

This float will be judged by myself "Toxic_Terry", and C_ake.   175,000 cc's and the TOXIC trophy will be the award.  We will be judging on a "make yer mind boggle" and wishing we had the VRML skills preformed.

These are "throws" and give away items to be distributed by the builder's of the item during the parade.

Here ya go, here is my list of whats uploaded;


by: MrPhillip


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