Here are the results of the judging for the 2002 Mardi Gras Parade:

Best_Anachronistic: American Pride, Toxic_Terry
Best_Futuristic: Hovercam, Rozzinkor
Best_use_of_Color: Butterfly King, Toxic_Terry
Best_Animation: Hovercam, Rozzinkor
Tie: Game Shows Neighborhood, Theresa01 and Orog
Spirit of the Olympic Games, Lysithea
Most_Artistic: Sailing into Mardi Gras, Dixie_Darlin
Most_Creative: Technology, PrincessKickapoo
Most_Fun: Faeries and Flowers, the_red_wolf
Most_Humorous: Fish Tale - a tale about Fish Tailing, Rydak
Second_Favorite: Waiting for a Date, TxBornVaNow

Major Awards

Most_Realistic: American Pride, Toxic_Terry
Best_rep_of_Idea_or_Theme: American Pride, Toxic_Terry
Best_of_Show: Hovercam, Rozzinkor

Golden Bear Award

Penguinz is Prackically Chickenz, Toxic_Terry (50,000cc transferred from my
own account to Toxic_Terry)