The Cybertown World Builder's Guild presents...

Paint an Easter Egg!

This web page allows you to wrap your own image (a picture or texture) around a VRML Easter Egg, save the output upload it to your web host, and then use it as your avatar in Cybertown.

While you do not have to know any VRML to participate in this activity, you must be familiar with Internet techniques like uploading files to a web server and computer techniques such as copy & paste.


  1. Find a suitable image on the Internet or your hard drive or use one provided here for you.
  2. Hit the Create VRML button
  3. Put the web address of a small picture or image or texture in the prompt box
  4. See the vrml code appear in a new window (with your texture URL substituted in the right place)
  5. Copy and paste the code into notepad or any other text editor, save it as a plain text file on your PC. You can use any name you wish, but use a filetype of .wrl if you want this to work.
  6. Then upload the VRML file to your web site, if you use a local texture file (on your machine), remember to upload to the same directory as the VRML file. If you use an absolute (fully qualified URL) path then you do not have to re-upload the texture.
  7. Use it as your avatar in Cybertown for Easter weekend

You might want to see or use one of these example textures.

What to do next?

In the new window, hit right mouse button (MB2), then from the pop-up menu hit SELECT ALL. (With Netscape Hit Edit then Select All)
Then hit MB2 again after everything is selected, and chose COPY.
Open up a text editor like notepad, and select the Edit menu then Paste from the pull down menu to paste the vrml code into the file. Save this file as 'egg.wrl'
Transfer this file to your server using ftp software.
If you use a local file (one on your computer), remember to upload it to the same directory you upload this VRML file to.
At Cybertown put the URL of this VRML file into your personal properties and it should then appear as your avatar. [In Cybertown, right click on your name, and put the URL of your file into the avatar field).

Miscellaneous tid-bits

*A URL is a Universal Resource Locator or an address on the Internet. This assumes that you have a place on the web to store files and know how to get your texture file and your vrml file to it.

Relative path name or URL to a texture file (just the file name and type): mytexture.jpg

Absolute path name or fully qualified URL to a texture file:

If this seems way too complicated, I've got an easier way to select a "pre-built" Easter Egg Avatar.

by Mr. Phillip 1999 - 2003