For Cybertown Security Staff Only

These avatars are for the exclusive use of the Cybertown® Security Staff. If you are not on the staff, do not use them. They are copyrighted by me (MrPhillip 2000©) and by Cybertown. If you use them without permission, you will be violating U.S. law and you will be banned from Cybertown.

There is both a male and a female version of these police avatars.

These avatars were the winners of a contest held by our security staff. They were made with blaxxun's Avatar Studio. Then I used Adobe PhotoShop to "doctor" up the textures (added badges, black pocket flaps, etc...). After I won the contest, I added unique cop-type gestures, a Walking animation, and three Idle Gestures (so they fidget while standing in one place). The other gestures will be triggered off by "key words" used in Cybertown. They are...

  1. /g1   Hello - Hello
  2. /g2   Likes - Hey
  3. /g3   Agrees - Yes
  4. /g4   Smiles - Smile
  5. /g5   Frowns - Frown
  6. /g6   Disagree - No
  7. /g7   Dislikes - Not
  8. /g8   Goodbye - Bye

While in Cybertown with this avatar, if you type in /g6 the avatar will do the "NO" gesture. It should also do it if you type in "no" or type in "Disagrees". If you move your cursor/avatar through the VRML scene, the avatar will take steps until you stop movement (walking). If you stand in one place for a while, the avatar will perform one of three "idle gestures" at random.


If you click on either of these images, you will be magically transported to blaxxun's Avatar Viewer where you can check out their gestures. It will also set the Avatar Variable for blaxxun Contact and next time you go to Cybertown you will be wearing this avatar. (So do not click if you are not Security Staff; see above!)


I could not have made these avatars without Avatar Studio or without the fine documentation on the blaxxun web site.